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Virtual University – All subjects VU presents, slides and past papers for the midterm last term are accessible here. Our site will assist you with getting 100 percent marks in MSc and MCS. This site is intended to assist you with planning VU Gifts PowerPoint Slides midterm and last term Tackled Paper.

All understudy’s approach help in Arithmetic, Software engineering Measurements, Physical science, and Financial matters. You can get free books for Science, PC, Measurements, and Physical science understudies. Understudies can likewise get to this site to assist with different exercises, for example, tackling tasks, settling tests, and addressing GDB, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This site was made for understudies at all levels, particularly VU understudies. It can help understudies who are experiencing issues with their investigations at VU.

They can work on their abilities and information to satisfy the prerequisites of VU. This is the best stage for VU understudies to meet their instructive necessities in the most proficient manner. All understudies approach VU Freebees PowerPoint Slides Past Paper for all subjects in PDF design.

VU understudies can aid subjects like Software engineering, Math and Banking and Money, Measurements, Financial aspects, and Science. English, Regulation, and The Board are likewise accessible. Brain research and social science are a portion of different regions that VU understudies can assist with. Understudies can access forward-thinking presents regarding all matters at VU. Understudies can get ready completely for their tests.

All subjects will be introduced in video addresses. This permits understudies to get a handle on their schooling without any problem. Tasks should contain 15% of absolute checks. Tests ought to have all things considered 10% imprints and GDB ought to have 5% imprints. Something like 25%-30% of the absolute checks for different exercises should be remembered for tasks.

We are delighted to invite understudies from virtual universities. You will find here Virtual Universty Gifts PowerPoint slides for all subjects. Your PowerPoint slides can be downloaded in any subject. Slides Recorded by your point it’s easy to choose your subject and then click on the necessary expansion subject

Here Virtual Universty PPT Slides are accessible. In this part, PPT Slides can download in PDF. Continue to visit bisepk.

You can quickly grab the ppts of your required subject. Just click on download.

ACC (Accounting Subjects)

ACC311Handout Fundamental of Auditing Download

ACC501 Handout Business FinanceDownload

BNK (Banking Subjects)

BNK601Handout Banking Laws & Practices Download

BNK603Handout Consumer Banking Download

FIN (Finance Subjects)

FIN611Handout Advance Financial Accounting Download

FIN621Handout Financial Statement Analysis Download

FIN622Handout Cooperative Finance Download

FIN623Handout Taxation Management Download

FIN625Handout TaxCredit and Risk Management Download

FIN630Handout Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Download

BIF (Bioinformatics Subjects)

BIF401Handout Bioinformatics I Download

BIF602Handout Bioinformatics Computing II Download

BIO (Biology Subjects)

BIO201Handout Cell Biology Download

BIO202Handout Biochemistry-I Download

BIO301Handout Essentials of Genetics Download

BIO301Handout Molecular Biology Download

BT (Biotechnology Subjects)

BT302 Handout Immunology Download

CHE (Chemistry Subjects)

CHE301Handout Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation Download

CS (Computer Science Subjects)

CS001 Handout Updated PPT Slides – Computer Proficiency Download

CS101 Handout New Updated PPT – Introduction to Computer Download

CS201 Handout Introduction to Programming Download

CS301 Handout Data Structure Download

CS302 Handout Digital Logic Design Download

CS304Handout New Handouts – Object-Oriented Programming – Download

CS401Handout Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming – Download

CS402Handout Theory of Automata – Download

CS403Handout Database Management Systems – Download

CS408Handout Human-Computer Interaction – Download

CS410Handout Visual Programming – Download

CS501Handout Advance Computer Architecture – Download

CS502Handout Fundamental of Algorithms – Download

CS504 – Handouts – Software Engineering – Download

CS508Handout Modern Programming Language – Download

CS603Handout Software Architecture and Design – Download

CS604 – Handout – Operating Systems- Download

CS606 – Handout – Operating Systems- Download

CS607Handout Artificial Intelligence- Download

CS609Handout System Programming- Download

CS610Handout Computer Network – Download

CS611Handout Software Quality Engineering – Download

CS614Handout Data Warehousing – Download

CS701Handout Theory of Computation – Download

CS703 – PPT Handout – Advance Operating System – Download

CS704Handout Advance Computer Architecture- Download

CS706Handout Software Quality Assurance- Download

CS710Handout Mobile and Pervasive Computing- Download

CS711Handout Software Design – Download

CS712Handout Distributed DBMS – Download

CS716Handout Advance Computer Network – Download

CS718Handout Wireless Networks – Download

CS723Handout Probability and Stochastic Processes – Download

CS724Handout Software Process Improvement – Download

CS726Handout Information Retrieval Techniques – Download

ECO (Economics Subjects)

ECO401Handout Economics – Download

ECO402Handout Microeconomics – Download

ECO403Handout Macroeconomics – Download

ECO404Handout Managerial Economics – Download

ECO501Handout Development Economics – Download

ECO601Handout Business Econometrics – Download

EDU (Education Subjects)

EDU301Handout General Methods of Teaching – Download

EDU303Handout Child Development – Download

EDU654Handout Addressing Problems of Learning through Technology and Pedagogy – Download

ENG (English Subjects)

ENG001Handout Elementary English – Download

ENG101Handout English Comprehension – Download

ENG201Handout Business and Technical English Writing – Download

ENG301Handout Business Communication – Download

ENG502Handout Introduction to Linguistics – Download

ENG503Handout Introduction to English Language Teaching – Download

ENG505Handout Language Learning Theories – Download

ENG506Handout Word Englishes – Download

ENG509Handout New PPT Slide – Morphology and Syntax – Download

ENG510Handout Sociolinguistics Download

ENG518Handout Research Methodology in ELT – Download

GSC (General Science Subjects)

GSC101Handout General Science – Download

HRM (Human Resource Management Subjects)

HRM617Handout Training and Development – Download

HRM624Handout Conflict Management – Download

HRM627Handout Human Resource Development – Download

ISL201 (Islamiyat Subjects)

ISL201Handout Islamic Studies Download

IT (Information Technology Subjects)

IT430Handout E-commerce Download

MCM (Mass Communication Subjects)

MCM101 – Handout Introduction to Mass Communication Download

MCM301 – Communication Skills Download

MCM304 – Handout Mass Media in Pakistan Download

MCM310 – Handout Journalistic Writing Download

MCM311 – Handout Reporting and Sub-Editing Download

MCM401 – Handout Fundamentals of Public Relations Download

MCM404 – Handout Globalization of Media Download

MCM411 – Handout Introduction to Broadcasting Download

MCM511 – Handout Theories of Communication Download

MCM501 – Handout Advertising for print and Electronics Media Download

MCM514 – Handout Feature and Column Writing Download

MCM515 – Handout Redio News Reporting and Production Download

MCM516 – Handout TV News Reporting and Production Download

MCM604 – Handout International Communication Download

MCM610 – Handout Mass Communication Law and Ethics Download

MGMT (Management Subjects)

MGMT611 – Handout Human Relation (alternative HRM611) Download

MGMT614 – Handout Supply Chain Management Download

MGMT622 – Handout Management Skills Download

MGMT623 – Handout Leadership & Team Management (Alternative HRM623) Download

MGMT625 – Handout Change Management Download

MGMT627 – Handout Project Management Download

MGMT628 – Handout Organization Development Download

MGMT629 – Handout Crisis Management Download

MGMT630 – Handout Knowledge Management Download

MGT (Management Subjects)

MGT101 – Handout Financial Accounting Download

MGT111 – Handout Introduction to Public Administration Download

MGT201 – Handout Financial Management Download

MGT211 – Handout Introduction To Business Download

MGT301 – Handout Principle of Marketing Download

MGT401 – Handout Financial Accounting II Download

MGT402 – Handout Cost and Management Accounting Download

MGT404 – Handout Managerial Accounting Download

MGT411 – Handout Money and Banking Download

MGT501 – Handout Human Resource Management Download

MGT503 – Handout Principle of Management Download

MGT504 – Handout Organization Theory and Design Download

MGT510 – Handout Total Quality Management Download

MGT520 – Handout International Business Download

MGT601 – Handout SME Management Download

MGT602 – Handout Entrepreneurship Download

MGT603 – Handout Strategic Management Download

MGT604 – Handout Management of Financial Institutions Download

MGT610 – Handout Business Ethics Download

MGT610 – Handout Business Ethics Download

MGT611 – Handout Business and Labor Law Download

MGT612 – Handout Coporative Law Download

MGT613 – Handout Production / Operations Management Download

MGT621 – Handout Administrative Law and Accountability Download

MKT (Management Subjects)

MKT501 – Handout Marketing Management Download

MKT530 – Handout Consumer Behavior Download

MKT610 – Handout Customer Relationship Management Download

MKT611 – Handout Marketing Research Download

MKT621 – Handout Advertising & Promotion Download

MKT624 – Handout Brand Management Download

MKT625 – Handout Services Marketing Download

MTH (Mathematics Subjects)

MTH001 – Handout Elementary Mathematics Download

MTH101 – Handout Calculus and Analytical Geometry Download

MTH202 – Handout Discrete Mathematics Download

MTH301 – Handout Calculus II Download

MTH302 – Handout Business Mathematics and Statistics Download

MTH401 – Handout Differential Equations Download

MTH501 – Handout Linear Algebra Download

MTH601 – Handout Operational Research Download

MTH603 – Handout Numerical Analysis Download

MTH632 – Handout Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry Download

MTH641 – Handout Functional Analysis Download

PAK (Pakistan Studies Subjects)

PAK301 –Handout Pakistan Studies Download

PAK302 – Handout Pakistan Studies Download

PHY (Physics Subjects)

PHY101 – Handout Physics Download

PHY301 – Handout Circuit Theory Download

PSY (Psychology Subjects)

PSY101 – Handout Introduction to Psychology Download

PSY401 – Handout Public International Law Download

PSY403 – Handout Social Psychology Download

PSY404 –Handout Abnormal Psychology Download

PSY405 – Handout Personal Psychology Download

PSY406 –Handout Educational Psychology Download

PSY407 – Handout Sports Psychology Download

PSY408 – Handout Health Psychology Download

PSY409 – Handout Positive Psychology Download

PSY502 – Handout History & System of Psychology Download

PSY504 – Handout Cognitive Psychology Download

PSY511 – Handout Environment Psychology Download

PSY512 – Handout Gender Issue in Psychology Download

PSY513 – Handout Forensic Psychology Download

PSY514 – Handout Consumer Psychology Download

PSY610 – Handout Neurological Testing & Measurement Download

PSY632 – Handout Theory and Practice of Counselling Download

SOC (Sociology Subjects)

SOC101 –Handout Introduction to Sociology Download

SOC401 – Handout Cultural Anthropology Download

STA (Statistics Subjects)

STA100 – Handout General Mathematics and Biostatistics Download

STA301 – Handout Statistics and Probability Download

STA630 – Handout Research Methods Download

STA730 – Handout Advance Research Methods Download

URD (Urdu Subjects)

URD101 – Handout Urdu Download

ZOO (Zoo Subjects)

ZOO301 – Handout Animal Fiorm and Function-I Download

ZOO502 – Handout Animal Physiology and Behavior Download

ZOO503 – Handout Zoogeography and Paleontology Download

ZOO504 – Handout Wildlife Download

ZOO505 – Handout Cell and Molecular Biology Download